Greek Islands

  • Destination:
  • Duration: 8 days

Discover the hidden beauties of turquoise coast of the best Greek Islands and unveil the beauties of this blue waters with a private gulet. Enjoy the Aegean sea and the sunshine on deck while your cook is preparing you the best Greek cuisine.


Upon arrival to Rhodes, self transfer to the marina, where we will complete Greek customs formalities and settle you into your home for the week. No more unpacking! Depending on your arrival time, just behind the walls of the Old Town of Rhodes (you can easily see from the marina), you are about to enter the oldest inhabited medieval town in Europe. Strolling the streets, looking to the shops and drinking coffee or beer will be a very good start.

Overnight on board your gulet in Rhodes harbor.  (D)


Today we discover Rhodes. Located at the southern end of the Dodecanese island group, Rhodes is one of Greece’s largest islands. Rhodes earned its initial fame for its “Colossus of Rhodes” a gigantic bronze statue stood over 100 feet high astride the harbor entrance. Depicting Helios, the sun god, the statue was sculpted by Chares of Lindos in 305 BC and took over a decade to build. One of the “Seven Wonders of the Ancient World”, the colossus was destroyed by an earthquake in 227 BC.

Rhodes’ most impressive ruins are not however Greek or Roman but rather date from the end of the Crusades, when in 1309 AD, the Knights of St. John built a grand citadel at the north end of the island. A two-mile wall, containing many fascinating buildings and byways, including the Street of the Knights and the Palace of the Grand Masters, surrounds this medieval structure . Spend the day exploring this incredible World Heritage Site and tasting local Greek cuisine for lunch with our local Greek guide. We will return to our boat and sample and compare Greek and Turkish wines. Overnight on board your gulet in Rhodes harbor.  (B,D)

Day 3- SYMI

Following breakfast, to comply with the Greek rules, we will sail about 20 miles to Bozburun, a small town at the Turkish coast, clear Turkish customs, then depart to Symi,a Greek island, once famous for  sponge fishing and boat building center (500 ships each year!) Symi`s port town of Gialos is an architectural treasure as its crescent harbor is lined with turn-of-the-century neoclassical mansions We will explore Gialos and the upper town of Chorio. Also the Maritime Museum and the Monastery of St. Michael, sacred to Greek seafarers around the world. Overnight on board your gulet in Symi. (B,L,D)

Day 4- KOS

Sail 40 miles around Turkey’s Datca  Peninsula to the Island of Kos. While under sail, we will make a fine Turkish lunch – with your  help! Imagine stuffed vine leaves, pilaf with saffron, little kofte dumplings with minted yogurt sauce, a Mediterranean salad!

Kos is a fertile island, famed for its delicious lettuce and wines. However, it is better known as the birthplace of Hippocrates (460-375 BC), the “father of modern medicine”.

We will work off lunch with an afternoon walk under a looming Crusader castle and through Kos`s palms, pines, and heavenly scented gardens of oleander and jasmine. We will visit the ancient Hellenistic agora (market place), a gym and an odeon (theater), baths, and fine mosaics. A trip to the Archaeological Museum will reveal fascinating artifacts recovered from island sites. Overnight on board your gulet in Kos. (B,L,D)


The tiny Greek Islands harbor, Mandraki, is a jewel. Fine whitewashed houses and brightly colored wooden balconies surround the harbor. The narrow streets are overlooked by two castles, Palaiokastro and the Knights Castle. The small village of Nikia is set dramatically on the rim of the volcanic crater. We will walk following a path descends to the crater floor, where there is still volcanic activity-occasional bubbles are seen, and sulfurous smell is often overpowering. Dinner viewing a magnificent sunset is on your own.

Overnight on board your gulet in Nisyros. (B,L,D)

Day 6- TILOS

Tilos, the least visited of the Dodecanese islands, is small, remote, and absolutely delightful. The fertile landscape, crisscrossed by many old mule tracks, makes Tilos a pleasure for walkers. Along the way we will visit the small village of Megala Chorio, standing in the shadow of a Venetian castle perched high above on a rock.  The town’s church – Taxiarchi Michailis – stands over the wall of a preserved classical temple. Archaeologists working on Tilos found a burial pit near Livadia containing the bones of what is believed to have been a herd of small mammoths. It is now exhibited in a small museum. At the end of our excursion we will be met by our gulet for more sampling Greek and Turkish red wines together with dinner.

Overnight on board your gulet in Tilos. (B, L,D)

Day 7- HALKI

Our last island is a perfect example of why this trip is special. Halki is small and beautiful- maintaining the essence of traditional Greek life. Uninvested by large tours, it lies just off the west coast of Rhodes and is surrounded by the clear, blue waters of the Aegean Sea. We will swim, sun and soak up the exquisitely picturesque harbor, where local fishermen can still be seen tending their boats and nets. Linger over a light lunch at one of the harbor side cafes – leaving room for the dinner feast we will create. Mezze platters and raki will fortify us while we grill local fish, and vegetables and dine under the stars.

Overnight on board your gulet in Halki. (B, D)

Because this is your trip, we will depart on our 3,5 hour sail to Rhodes according to your schedule.  Upon arriving in Rhodes harbor, we would be happy to assist you to depart for home, or to extend your vacation with visits to Athens, Santorini, Mykonos or Crete. (B)

Dates: We are pleased to be able to start your private tour any Saturday from May through October. Departures are guaranteed.

Pricing: As each trip is private, groups of any size will be accommodated. We would be happy to provide you with a fixed price based on your specific needs. Generally speaking, the larger the group the less expensive a charter becomes per person and trips in May, June, September and October tend to be less expensive than trips in July and August, when gulets cost more.