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Greek Islands & Turkish Treasures

Greek Islands & Turkish Treasures

Please ask availability indicating:
the dates and your group size.

*12 days Highlights : Visits to the archeological sites of Rhodes, Symi, Tilos, Nsyros, Kos, Didyma, Ephesus and Istanbul’s historic monuments.

*The tour runs with a private group of 6 or more passengers at any date you wish.
*Please ask your price indicating the dates and your group size.

Arrive to Istanbul and self transfer to our hotel. Night at the hotel.

While having your breakfast around 08.00 am you will meet with your guide who is going to be with you during the entire trip. Following breakfast we start to tour the main sites in Istanbul, including the Aya Sofya, built by the Roman Emperor Justinian in the 6th Century AD and the largest building in the world for at least a thousand years; The Blue Mosque, built in the 17th Century and still one of the largest and most beautiful mosques in the world; the Hippodrome, where Romans raced chariots, and Topkapi Palace, the fabulous home of the Sultans and their harems. Night at the hotel. B,D

This morning we will visit some of the main attractive sites in Istanbul and with an evening flight we will fly to Dalaman and transfer to Marmaris to board on Turkish gulet. Night on the yacht. B,L,D

In the morning after completing all of our custom formalities, we sail to Rhodes for about 3 hours. Upon arrival to Rhodes this time we will complete the formalities of the Greek customs. Located at the southern end of the Dodecanese island group Rhodes is one of Greece’s largest islands. Earned for its “Colossus of Rhodes” this gigantic bronze statue stood over 100 feet high astride the harbors entrance. Depicting Helios, the sun god, the statue was sculpted by Chares of Lindos in 305 BC and took over a decade to build. One of the “Seven Wonders of the Ancient World”, the colossus was destroyed by an earthquake in 227 BC. Rhodes’ most impressive ruins are not however Greek or Roman but rather date from the end of the Crusades (1099-1245 AD) when in 1309 AD the Knights of St. John built a grand citadel at the north end of the island. This medieval structure, is surrounded by a two-mile wall, containing many fascinating buildings and byways, including the Street of the Knights and the Palace of the Grand Masters. Spend the afternoon exploring this incredible World Heritage Site. Dinner is on your own. Night on the yacht. B,L

Day 6 – SYMI
Following breakfast, board our Turkish gulets and sail 20 miles to Symi Island.  This was oncethe eastern Aegean’s sponge fishing and boat building center (500 ships each year!). The island’s economy was devastated early in the 20th century by sponge competition from the island of Kalimnos and the introduction of steamships. The port town of Gialos is an architectural treasure as its crescent harbor is lined with turn-of-the-century neoclassical mansions (some abandoned and disintegrating!). Explore Gialos and the upper town of Chorio.
Night on the yacht. B,L,D

Day 7 – TILOS
Tilos, the least visited of the Dodecanese, is a small, remote, and delightful island.
The fertile landscape, crisscrossed by many old mule tracks, makes Tilos a pleasure for walkers. Megala Chorio, the small village has the interesting churh of Taxiarchi Michailis, preserving a wall of classical temple over which it was built. A Venetian castle looms high on a rock over the town. Archaeologists working on Tilos found a burial pit near Livadia containing the bones of what is believed to have been a herd of small mammoths. It is now exhibited in a small museum.
Night on the yacht. B,L,D

The tiny Island has few harbors.  Mandraki is a jewel of a harbor with fine whitewashed houses and brightly colored wooden balconies. The narrow streets are overlooked by two castles, Palaiokastro and the Knights Castle. Nikia is set dramatically on the rim of the volcanic crater. A path descends to the crater floor, where there is still volcanic activity-occasional bubbles are seen, and sulphurous smell is often overpowering. Overnight at Nisyros aboard our gulets. Dinner is on your own. Night on the yacht.B,L

Day 9 – KOS
Sail 40 miles around Turkey’s Datca Yarimadasi peninsula to the Island of Kos. Kos is a well-watered fertile island, famed for its delicious lettuce. However, it is better known as the birthplace of Hippocrates (460-375 BC), the “father of modern medicine”. Afternoon walk
about in Kos town resplendent with palms, pines, and gardens of oleander and jasmine – with its crusader castle looming above. Visit the ancient Hellenistic agora (market place), a gym and an odeon (theater), baths, and fine mosaics. Also view artifacts recovered from these sites at the Archaeological Museum. Night on the yacht. B,L,D

This morning after having our breakfast we will sail to Bodrum , which is located at Asia- minor (modern Turkey). We will say goodbye to our crew and start to drive northeast, and stop at Didyma which was home to an oracle similar to that found at Delphi. The huge temple to Apollo, commissioned by Alexander, was a work-in-progress for over five centuries but never completed, probably because it became so huge that it surpassed the engineering of the day. Even today it is an amazing ruin, because of both its huge size  and the intricacy of the stonework. Then we continue to Kusadasi.
Night at the hotel. B,D

In the morning we will visit Ephesus, one of the most famous and extensive archeological sites in the Mediterranean. After Istanbul Ephesus is the most visited place in Turkey. The site was continuously inhabited since around 3000 BC, when it was the center for the worship of the goddess Cybele, later called Artemis. It then became Ionian, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine as each succeeding civilization enjoyed its fine harbor. Library of Celsus is one of the most photographed buildings in the world. Ephesus slowly faded as
the Little Meander River silted in this harbor in the 5th century AD. St. Paul and St. John preached here, and we still have Paul’s “Letter to the Ephesians. Dinner at our hotel terrace overlooking at the marina of Kusadasi and the Aegean sea. Night at the hotel. B,D

Transfer to the airport for the flight back to Istanbul. The tour ends upon arrival to Istanbul airport. (B)