What is a Gulet ?
White sails on Azure – blue seas, gentle breezes humming through rigging, stunning sunsets silhouetting coastal hills: these natural wonders are yours on a gulet tours. Idyllically romantic and with a hint of adventure, the smallest coves and the widest bays invite you to explore and enjoy. 
The gulet yachts are charming, traditional motor yachts, beautifully crafted from wood. They vary in size from 60-100 feet in length, having 6-10 cabins, all with private toilet and shower facility, plenty of deck space, and wonderful food. The fresh, well prepared meals are always a memorable part of the cruises and dinners are both leisurely and festive. Traditionally they have been built on the Aegean coast of Turkey and are equipped with one or two masts. They are more suitable for cruising than sailing.

The Gulet we generaly use, have 4 to 7 cabins, each simply furnished and with private toilet and shower. Hot water is available. The bunks have mattresses and are furnished with
 blankets, sheets, pillows and one set of towels. Sheets are changed once during the trip. Air conditioning is generally not necessary. It’s noisy and it runs off the generator. Most people enjoy sleeping out on the deck under the stars for fresh air. But in case of a demand we can provide an air conditioned gulet. We normally proceed under motor power, as breezes are fairly light. When conditions permit, and at the captain’s discretion, sails will also be raised. The fresh air will certainly give you an appetite and the food served is very good and plentiful, often supplemented with fresh fish caught by the crew and fresh vegetables, salad and fruit is prepared, cooked and served by the crew. Fishing and snorkeling facilities are available, but it is best to bring your own mask, fins and snorkel to ensure a good fit and maximum availability of gear. 

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